Aegean Airlines to Fit CabinVu CDMS : December 2009

AD Aerospace Cockpit Door Monitoring System Selected

Aegean Airlines, Greeces largest airline, has chosen CabinVu from AD Aerospace, an AD Group company, in-flight security systems for fitting on a Boeing 737-400 aircraft. The Cockpit Door Monitoring System (CDMS) improves the safety and security of the Flightdeck and the whole aircraft by increasing the pilots situational awareness by providing them with a clear and unrestricted view of the area outside the cockpit door and in the adjacent galleys.

With Aegean Airlines we offer our customers a premium service and this extends to the care we take of their safety and security, said Antonis Grigoriadis, Avionics Development Engineer, of Aegean Airlines. CabinVu adds to the systems that we already have in place to ensure that our passengers and crew have a safe and secure flight.

CabinVu, the popular choice for cockpit door surveillance, provides pilots with a forward looking, clear and unobstructed view of the area outside the cockpit door and in the adjacent galleys from their usual seated positions. A series of cameras are linked to either one or two monitors and associated controllers within easy reach of the pilots for ease and comfort of use.

With the view provided by the system the pilots can visually identify anyone requesting entry and take appropriate action, should an incident arise. This is in line with recommendations from ICAO Annex 6, EUROCAE ED-123 and provides compliance with EU-OPS 1.1255 Sub Part S, FAA 14 CFR 121.313(k) and 14 CFR 121.584 (a). CabinVu is also good for operators due to its low weight and simple installation.

Aegean constantly strives to offer the best possible service to its customers, as demonstrated by its Skytrax World Airline award as the best regional airline in Europe for 2009,” said Mike Horne, Managing Director, AD Aerospace Ltd. “The addition of a CabinVu cockpit door security system is a further demonstration of this.

FlightVu equipment has been or is being installed on aircraft for AeroSvit, Icelandair, SmartLynx, Caribbean Airlines, Boeing, airBaltic, Austrian Airlines, GECAS, ILFC, Orient Thai, Comair, Hong Kong Express, Hong Kong Airways, bmi, British Airways, JetBlue, Thomsonfly, Air Asia, Corsair, easyJet, Hainan, Germania, TUIfly, Sama and MyTravel amongst others.