FlightVu Witness
FlightVu Witness : In Flight Security

Airline safety and security is threatened by both terrorist activity and disruptive passenger behaviour (air rage). Aircrew members need to be aware of what is happening throughout the aircraft at all times to spot suspicious, threatening or unruly behaviour early on. The FlightVu video safety and security systems are a powerful tool in the prevention of hijacks and air rage crimes enabling the crew to observe and possibly record the entire aircraft from their normal seating positions. This aids decision making by increasing the crew’s situational awareness and allows them to act quickly to take control and minimise any risks or disturbance.

DirectView is a series of CCTV cameras linked to monitors in the crew rest areas / galleys. These allow the cabin crew to monitor the passenger cabin to check for things from unusual activity to whether passengers are seated for take off / landing or that food service is progressing correctly.

The system can be particularly useful when cabin configurations make it difficult for cabin crew to view an area adequately from their jump seats such as with modern first class configurations with individual passenger compartments.

This can be expanded up to a FlightVu Witness system of covert and overt CCTV cameras fitted throughout the passenger cabin and crew areas of an airliner connected to a state-of-the-art digital video server and compatible with Electronic Flight Bag technology. The very presence of cameras deters potential troublemakers and the recorded video images, which are legally admissible, can be used to prosecute violent or disruptive passengers.

The digital video server can either record the entire flight or be triggered by alarms operated by the aircrew. Images on the server are labelled with date, time, camera and aircraft tail number. When an incident occurs watermarking facilities are available to identify the recording as first evidence and therefore qualified for use in court. The recordings also serve to prevent litigation by passengers claiming wrongful identification and to establish the exact chain of events leading up to an incident.

Witness can be expanded by the addition of cameras within the cargo hold, to provide evidence of baggage theft, or in other areas where safety and security of staff, passengers and equipment are an issue.

The Witness system assists aircrew by providing them with a low cost, on-board CCTV safety and security system. Recordings of incidents can also be used to help train cabin crew to deal with disruptive passenger behaviour.

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