Video Server

FlightVu Digital Video Servers can be used by Airlines to secure a commercial aircraft from threats on the ground and in the air. The state of the art, robust, digital video recorders are capable of recording and retrieving up to sixteen, balanced, composite video signals. They have up to 160Gb storage capability, combined with definable sample rates to suit the needs of the user.

  • 28v DC to RTCAD0160D
  • 8 Video Inputs
  • 2 Audio Channels
  • BITE Indication
  • Configurable VMD Zones
  • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
  • Software to RTCA DO178B Cat E
  • NTSC or PAL
  • Maximum size 250mm x 110mm x 58mm ( excl mounting brackets )
  • Maximum weight 1.2Kg

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The Video Server can be set into different Modes of operation, depending on flight phase, electrical line status or other stimulus These modes are used to trigger different Camera configurations, recording rates and also set Video Motion Detection (VMD) zones.

The stored Images can be accessed using a standard Internet browser. The mode settings are password protected, however the user is able to access Live and Recorded video without a password.

Digital Video Server Applications

CargoVu EFB

  • Baggage or Freight Areas

  • Monitor Loading / Unloading

  • VMD Detects Shifts in Cargo

  • Alarm Outputs to Flightdeck

  • Video Verification on Flightdeck
EFB SmokeVu

  • Recognize Smoke/ Haze

  • Software and Video Analysis

  • Alarm outputs to Flightdeck

  • Video Verification on Flightdeck
EFB Defender

FlightVu Witness
  • Monitoring Passengers

  • Monitoring Cargo

  • Remote Panic Alarms

  • Video Motion Detection

  • Used as Evidence

  • Air Rage Deterrent
EFB Witness

FlightVu Defender
  • VIP Security System

  • Protects Parked Aircraft

  • Integral Video Switching