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VIP Aircraft Security : The Threat

Unlike commercial airliners that are rarely left unattended, VIP aircraft and Business Jets can often be parked up for hours or even days without someone on board. In addition to this, they are much more likely to be on smaller airfields or at remote locations where security is not as high as at an international airport, if security exists at all. This leaves VIP and Business aircraft open to threats and dangers not experienced by commercial airliners.

These include:

  • Theft from the aircraft

  • Tampering with the aircraft to obtain valuable parts

  • Sabotage of the aircraft either by the removal of a part from or addition of something to an engine or placing something in the cargo hold

  • Stowaways - von larger aircraft persons could conceal themselves aboard in the hope of transferring to another country.

  • Smuggling of contraband by concealing it on the aircraft to be collected later by an accomplice at the final destination particularly when regular flight are made between two sites / countries. This allows the smuggler to avoid all risk of detection by customs and passes it to the plane operator / owner

  • Vandalism
VIP or Business Aircraft cabin configurations can make it difficult or impossible for the crew to detect tampering or changes to the aircraft or to effectively search the aircraft before a flight.

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