VIP Image of outer and inner plane
FlightVu Defender

VIP Aircraft Security : The Solution

AD Aerospace FlightVu Defender systems provide continuous all round security for parked unoccupied aircraft.  This is achieved by having a series of cameras monitoring overlapping fields of view to give comprehensive coverage of the aircraft and its surrounding area. The cameras are connected to an Intelligent Video Server which uses Video Motion Detection (VMD) to identify the presence of anyone within programmable zones around the aircraft.

Should an alarm event occur the Video Server begins recording to provide evidence of the incident and an Alarm Indication is activated on the system control panel. The recorded video alarms serve two purposes: firstly they can be used for a Post Event Review to see what occurred during an Alarm Incident to ensure the safety of the aircraft has not been compromised and secondly should any such incident occur they can be watermarked and stored to be used as courtroom admissible evidence.

FlightVu Defender is an extremely flexible system with the exact locations and number of cameras and location of the control panel able to be determined to provide a bespoke system through the customer nominated MRO.

The cameras can be either monochrome or colour with optional discrete light sensitive IR or white light illuminators. Recordings are stored on a removal solid state memory and can be viewed either via an Ethernet connection or directly from the memory. The whole system can be powered for extended periods of time from on-board battery systems.

The FlightVu Defender video security system can also be linked to an In-Flight Entertainment system to provide stunning views of a flights take off and landing, as well as offering views of the exterior of the aircraft. Furthermore the behaviour and activities of handling and engineering personnel can be monitored during routine ground maintenance.

As a unauthorised person enters the designated zone around the aircraft an alarm is triggered and the Video Server begins recording the incident.