eVTOL Cameras

4K Camera for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Our eVTOL cameras feature high frame rate, HD resolution and near-zero latency. The optics of the camera are protected with a sapphire glass window which is scratch resistant, and the housing of the camera is manufactured from Titanium alloy.

We can provide bespoke aerodynamic externally mounted 4k cameras for use cases including:

  • In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) including streaming to passenger mobile devices.
  • Pilot Situational Awareness
  • Vertiport approach & landing
  • Automation
  • Ground Manoeuvring

We can provide light, compact internal video surveillance cameras for internal cabin monitoring.

We are able to provide Free of Charge loan units to facilitate hardware and integration testing.

The camera housing can easily be designed and altered to any specific airframe.

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