• 15th July 2021

AD Aerospace completes collaboration with AMBS


The first few months of 2021 saw AD Aerospace embark on an exciting live consultancy project. This was undertaken with a group of postgraduate students based at Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS).

Phil Galvin, Associate Director at Alliance Manchester Business School, summarises the programme:

“MBA Consultancy projects are a win/win for Clients and MBA students. Clients receive actionable recommendations. Students learn by applying theory to real world problems/opportunities.”

The AMBS team focussed their study on an in-depth review of the existing aerospace market. They identified opportunities for New Product Development (NPD) within the aerospace video surveillance market specifically. AD’s Sales and Marketing Executive and an experienced project supervisor mentored the team.


The AMBS team successfully presented their findings to members of the AD Aerospace Board. The team delivered an in-depth account of the current market in light of the Pandemic and associated challenges. The team also provided interesting conclusions on NPD opportunities. The opportunities outlined by the team are currently being pursued by AD Aerospace.


Paul Ferry, AMBS project supervisor, has commented the following:

“Our MBA students at Alliance Manchester Business School undertake a range of Consultancy projects for clients. This culminates in an International Business (IB) project where students learn by applying theory to real world problems/opportunities, over a 4 month period. We were delighted this year to be able to assist AD Aerospace as they face the challenges of an aerospace market severely disrupted by the pandemic. The team were able to conduct thorough research into the changing shape of the market and other major challenges (Boeing 737 Max grounding and Brexit). The result was a detailed evidence based market report with a clear set of actionable recommendations, and ultimately a very satisfied client in AD Aerospace.”

Henry Lim, one of the participating students within the student group, summarised the project as follows:

“Our team was extremely excited to work with AD Aerospace. AD is an organization with a growth mindset that is constantly looking to innovate to improve the security and safety of their current and future customers. We had to familiarize ourselves with aerospace surveillance regulations and specifications. We also had to connect with a number of major airlines to gain an insight into the aviation industry. The team found the major pain points and how AD Aerospace can help mitigate these. Overall, it was an extremely rewarding experience to be able to present our findings and recommendations to AD Aerospace. At the end of our MBA journey, when we were on our flight back to our home countries, everyone in our project group could recognize the model and features of the planes we were on, something which we were unaware of prior to this project.”

This is the second consultancy project AD Aerospace have embarked on with AMBS. We look forward to our next.