• 2nd June 2020

All New Aerospace Camera Module, CAM2020

AD Aerospace is delighted to announce the completion of the CAM2020 prototype. CAM2020 is an all new in-house manufactured aerospace camera module. Images of the prototype module can be viewed below.

AD Aerospace developed the new core video engine from the ground up for aerospace use. The ¼” image sensor features over 120dB’s of dynamic range, allowing CAM2020 to perfectly expose even the most challenging scenes ensuring that threats are reliably detectable.

The Module also has a built-in dewarping engine. This allows highly distorting lenses to be corrected. Therefore, installation flexibility is increased.

The new aerospace camera has single-ended analog video output in either NTSC or PAL. Furthermore, a HD Digital (BT.470) output is being developed.

CAM2020 will be available in colour or monochrome variants with the aim being to implement the module into the AD Aerospace analog camera range which includes the FV-0410, FV-0411, and FV-0413 products.

AD Aerospace will next submit the LRU for external qualification to DO-160G. This will be for use inside the cabin or cargo areas of fixed-wing and rotary wing aircraft up to 45,000 ft.

CAM2020 will hopefully also be available as a miniature standalone imaging module for OEM integration. CAM2020 comes with an extended input voltage range from 5-32V and protection directly in the module itself.