• 8th November 2021

AD Aerospace supports publication of ED-297 (thermal camera systems)

ED-297|Minimum Operational Performance Standard for Thermal Camera Systems, was recently published by Eurocae (full document is available here).


EUROCAE is a non-profit organisation which deals exclusively with aviation standardisation. This applies for both airborne and ground systems electronic equipment. Working Groups develop EUROCAE documents. Voluntary experts from the member organisations of EUROCAE, RTCA and SAE make up the Working Groups. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) widely reference the EUROCAE documents as Guidance Material. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) references EUROCAE documents as means of compliance to European Technical Standard Orders (ETSOs) and other regulatory documents.

Benefit of Thermal Camera System

ED-297 defines the Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for Thermal Camera Systems. The MOPS apply for sensing and monitoring the temperature of commercial aircraft passengers with a sufficiently high degree of accuracy. The cabin crew could use such a system to identify when a passenger presents with an elevated temperature which might be indicative of a fever. This would allow cabin crew to act pro-actively by initiating airline operating procedures to verify the issue. As a result, the cabin crew can then determine the most appropriate course of action required.

A compliant system therefore, would help regulators worldwide allow higher passenger loads with reduced social distancing. Therefore, it can help facilitate the recovery of the commercial aviation sector during the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. The future ready standard specifies the minimum performance expected from thermal camera equipment and related functions as applied to the aviation industry.

AD Aerospace’s Contribution

AD Aerospace actively participated in the Working Group that developed ED-297, with AD Aerospace Director Sara Einollahi acting as Working Group Secretary. Three AD Aerospace technical leads were also active members of the Working Group.

In conclusion, AD Aerospace is delighted to have collaborated on this project. AD Aerospace contributed its extensive knowledge and experience of aviation video surveillance equipment. AD Aerospace was also able to apply its specific knowledge in product development and qualification.