• 15th February 2021

CAM2020 passes DO-160G qualification

AD Aerospace are delighted to announce that its in-house manufactured all new aerospace camera module, CAM2020 has now passed DO-160G qualification as part of an existing LRU and is further along the journey to production. For those not familiar, DO-160 Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment, published by RTCA (Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics), is the international standard that defines environmental test conditions and applicable test procedures and criteria for avionic equipment to determine their performance characteristics. All the manufacturers of aeronautic products must meet the requirements of this standard to ensure that their equipment will operate correctly when airborne.

The module will now enter a customer testing phase. The Customer Testing Phase involves AD Aerospace customers performing their own validation testing. This involves a series of laboratory bench tests recreating and validating many of the tests that AD perform, and validating the behaviour with the equipment that it is intended to operate with. As a final check the upgraded unit may be fitted to an aircraft for final ground or even flight testing.

We are hopeful that this testing phase will be a success and CAM2020 can start entering production volumes to support the continued improvement of AD Aerospace aviation video surveillance cameras.