Aerospace IP Camera (Domed)

The AD Aerospace High Definition Internal Aerospace IP camera has integrated Infra-Red (IR) illumination. The camera produces clear images even in low light conditions.

Designed in a compact dome form-factor, the LRU has minimal weight and space requirements. Cabin Panels up to 10mm thick are possible mounting locations for the unit.

The unit is designed with a standard M12 lens mount. This enables a selection of lenses, with varying focal lengths, to be equipped according to customer Field of View (FoV) requirements.

The unit is finished to a high standard. This allows the unit to be overtly mounted in the cabin whilst not detracting from the aesthetic design.

The FV-0462 Internal Aerospace IP Camera provides a clear 1080p full high definition image. The unit has an integrated webserver and makes the IP stream directly accessible via Ethernet 100BaseT. Additionally, the camera also supports streaming over RTSP (real time streaming protocol) for easy integration with existing systems.

The FV-0462 camera can be paired with the FV-0591 Digital Video Server to form a full IP (digital) aircraft video surveillance system. The cockpit door, passenger cabin and cargo bays can utilise this system. A solid-state drive stores the data on the FV-0591 Digital Video Server. It is able to provide better resilience to vibrations and to achieve high storage capacity on a resilient and light media type. Moreover, the FV-0591 Digital Video Server has a 1TB hard disk which, which when partnered with 6x AD Aerospace IP cameras, can record at a high resolution and frame rate of 5 Pictures Per Second (pps), whilst achieving 30 day retention of recorded video.

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