External Airborne Camera

AD Aerospace’s FV-0315 External Airborne Camera provides quality video images in the harsh environment experienced by the external surfaces of an aircraft.

The FV-0315 External Airborne Camera is designed to be used external to an aircraft flying up to 50,000 feet, and is hermetically sealed, and dry nitrogen purged to avoid internal misting and icing. The window is aerodynamically shaped to allow water droplet removal as the aircraft moves in the air stream and has no “edges” to allow water droplets to be trapped.

The window is heated with an internally fitted 10W kapton heater, which allows for the outside of the window to be de-misted and de-iced. The design allows for a variety of lens options, to suit most requirements.

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  • Sensor


  • TV Standard

    625 line PAL (colour), CCIR (monochrome) or 525 line NTSC (colour), EIA (monochrome)

  • Resolution

    Colour: Greater than 460 TV Lines. Monochrome: Greater than 520 TV Lines

  • Sensitivity

    Colour: 1.0 Lux. Monochrome: 0.1 Lux

  • Light Control

    Auto electronic shutter to 1/100,000 seconds

  • Video Output

    1.0V p-p into customer selectable termination

  • Power Consumption

    Maximum 3W Camera, plus 10W heating from 28V aircraft supply

  • Field of View

    Various lenses from 19 to 116 degrees

  • Size

    48.0mm x 82.0 mm long excluding connector

  • Weight

    Maximum 350g

  • Material


  • Window

    Sapphire glass window single layer anti-reflective coating. Heated via a kapton adhesive heater for de-icing

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