HD Aerospace Monitor

AD Aerospace’s FV-0877 is an airborne LCD HD Aerospace monitor and switcher. It is designed to display and control images from external and/or internal HD-SDI cameras installed on an aircraft.

High-Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) is one of a family of digital video interfaces. The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers standardizes it as SMPTE292. HD-SDI provides a nominal data rate of 1.485 Gbit/s. Although the HD-SDI interface is intended for 75Ω single ended coaxial transmission lines, the FV-0877 accepts video signals from HD-SDI cameras presented as balanced 100Ω HD-SDI inputs.

The FV-0877 LCD HD Aerospace Monitor, together with a FV-0477 Camera, form the AD Aerospace VIP Passenger Cabin Surveillance Solution (“DirectVu Camera System (DVCS)”). CFR 25.785 requirements on the Boeing 777 are complied with by using the DVCS. Seated cabin crew can get visibility of a minimum of 50% of passengers in premium class zone during Taxi, Take Off and Landing by using this system.

The FV-0477 Camera is a 720p HD-SDI covert bullet camera externally controllable via RS485. There is no loadable software content in the Camera. However, the Camera Sensor includes firmware that interprets RS485 commands. It therefore allows configuration of the camera settings dynamically through the FV-0877 monitor. This enables it to optimise the camera settings for optimal view under most lighting conditions.

FV-0877 HD Monitor

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