Internal Aerospace Camera

The FV-0410 standard Internal Aerospace Camera is specially designed to be fitted to the interior of aircraft. AD Aerospace cameras can perform a variety of functions on the modern aircraft, from Security activities against terrorist threat, to monitoring and recording disorderly passengers. They can be used in training for crew observation, recording selected flight instruments, or as a safety aid to ensure that passengers are correctly seated prior to roll out.

Both monochrome and colour cameras are available, in NTSC and PAL formats. Digital Megapixel cameras are available for specific uses, and all cameras can be supplied in overt or covert housings. The cameras can also be used as additional sensors in combination with security systems, and can be recorded for later analysis.

Each system comprising the internal aerospace camera is designed to the specifications defined by the customer. As technology continually changes and improves we will utilize the best cameras available, guaranteeing you the state of the art system you require.

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  • Sensor

    1/3”interline transfer CCD

  • Elements

    CCIR 320k elements or EIA 290k elements

  • TV Standard

    625 line, CCIR or 525 line, EIA

  • Resolution

    Greater than 420 TV Lines per picture height (horizontal) in picture centre. Greater than 300 lines in the corners

  • Sensitivity

    Better than 0.01 Lux at f2.0

  • Light Control

    Auto electronic shutter to 1/100,000 seconds

  • Video Outputs

    1.0V p-p into 75R composite video (unbalanced) and 50R or 100R balanced video as an option

  • IR Performance

    6 LEDs, at +/- 30 degrees cone, at 875nm

  • MTBF

    50,000 hours

  • Connector

    Single Mil-C-38999 connector

  • Power Consumption

    80mA from the 28V source

  • Field Of View

    Various lenses from 26 to 135 degrees

  • Size

    140mm x 120mm x 61mm

  • Weight

    Maximum 425g

  • Material

    Cast Parts: Aluminium Alloy to LM25, Fabricated Parts: Al Alloy to BSEN485:3103H4/5251H22, or 6061T4

  • Paint Finish

    Alocrom to Def Stan 03-18, Finish to suit cabin interior

  • Environmental Qualification

    ED-14E for Cabin Overhead mounted equipment, for use within an aircraft flying up to 50,000 feet, but in an area normally pressurised to 15,000 feet

  • Temperature

    Operating: -15°C to +70°C, Storage: -55°C to +85°C

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