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IP / Digital Video Surveillance – Cabin, Cargo, Flight Deck

The digital IP system uses AD Aerospace’s FV-0591 compact digital aircraft video server. This server offers a cost-effective High Definition network video recording system, allowing direct connection of up 16x high resolution 2MP IP cameras and 1x HD-SDI camera, all directly powered by the FV-0591. The server is able to perform conversion of the input video streams to H-264 to provide onward video transmission to an EFB/ Ethernet backbone, providing the pilots the ease of use and the ability to check and assess images using a simple graphical user interface. The data on the FV-0591 is stored on a solid-state drive, to provide better resilience to vibrations and to achieve high storage capacity on a media type which is not only more resilient but also lighter than more traditional storage media. The FV-0591 digital Video Server has a 1TB hard disk which, when partnered with 6x AD Aerospace IP cameras, can record at a high resolution and frame rate of 5 Pictures Per Second (pps), whilst achieving 30 day retention of recorded video.

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