Boeing 737 MAX

AD Aerospace Systems

Flight Deck Entry Video Surveillance System (FDEVSS)

Cockpit Door Surveillance System (CDSS)

AD Aerospace is a leading supplier of both line-fit Boeing 737 MAX Flight Deck Entry Video Surveillance (FDEVSS) and Boeing 737 MAX retro-fit Cockpit Door Surveillance (CDSS). These systems both satisfy the requirement for a non-intrusive, non-distracting method of identification by the Captain and First Officer of who is trying to gain access to the Cockpit. Means of doing so is mandated throughout much of the globe, including by EASA. The system acts as deterrent to terrorism and air rage and helps to prevent catastrophic loss of aircraft from terrorism or revenge motivation. In summary the solution represents a low-cost option to significantly increase levels of aircraft safety and security.

Global regulators strongly recommend video systems. Many European carriers proceeded with the installation of Flight Deck Entry Video Surveillance Systems after 9/11 and before mandates were issued. ICAO Annex 6 – Part 1 – Chapter 13 – Standard 13.2.3(b) (1 Nov 2003):

“means shall be provided for monitoring from either pilot’s station the entire door area outside the flight crew compartment to identify persons requesting entry and to detect suspicious behaviour or potential threat.” This was then interpreted into the Eurocae Minimum Operating Specification ED-123 which describes the minimum specification for a cockpit door surveillance system.

AD Aerospace has been supplying the B737 production line with FDEVSS for decades. Current partners include major airlines such as United Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Fly Dubai, TUI and many more. AD Aerospace also supplies this system to most of the leading aircraft lessors including AerCap, SMBC Aviation Capital, Avolon, CDB Aviation, Aviation Capital Group, Air Lease Corporation amongst others.

Similarly, AD Aerospace continues to support airlines and lessors with the retro-fit CDSS version of this system. The retro-fit system is available as an EASA STC for the B737 and as a UK CAA Minor Modification (automatically accepted by both EASA and the FAA) for the A320. AD Aerospace’s sister company, Cabin Avionics Ltd, also supplies the Skycam retro-fit CDSS system for the aforementioned aircraft as well as the Fokker F70, ATR72 and De Havilland Dash-8 Q400.

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