• 6th Январь 2020

AD Aerospace chosen to enhance the operational safety of the new Boeing KC-46 Pegasus for the US Air Force

AD Aerospace is delighted to announce its participation in the US Air Force KC-46 ‘Pegasus’ B767 programme.

We are providing the programme with an external ‘FV-0316’ camera. The camera is housed in an external fairing and paired to an integral monitor and ‘FV-0821’ control panel. The AD Aerospace system is an integral part of the KC-46 aircraft’s main deck cargo door operation as it allows the operator to get a clear view of the external environment outside the aircraft door prior to its deployment.

Every KC-46 will feature the AD Aerospace system.

The ‘FV-0316’ camera is a development of AD’s popular ‘FV-0315’ external camera. The camera features a sapphire crystal heated oculus and titanium body. It offers a long heritage of use in the most exacting of environments.

Furthermore, the ‘FV-0316’ camera has passed an enhanced and rigorous military testing regime with flying colours.