AD Aerospace Cargo Surveillance Solutions: Freight Security

Cargo holds in passenger and freighter aircraft are difficult, if not impossible areas for the flight deck crew to monitor. This leaves them open to abuse such as baggage theft, tampering with cargo or damage due to careless cargo loading / unloading.

The AD Aerospace Cargo Surveillance Solution is a series of CCTV cameras within the cargo area of aircraft connected to a digital video server and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) or dedicated LCD display situated on the flight deck, which allows the crew to keep a visual check on cargo loading, to assess progress and monitor for illegal activity.

Just the knowledge that activity is being monitored acts as a deterrent to baggage theft or cargo tampering and encourages ground staff to take more care. The recorded images on the server are labelled with date, time, camera and aircraft tail number.

Should an incident occur watermarking facilities are available to identify the recording as first evidence and therefore qualified for use in court. While the aircraft is in flight the system constantly monitors the cargo area using proprietary Video Motion Detection software on the video server to automatically detect any activity, such as shifting cargo, escaped livestock or stowaways, and alert the flight deck.

Flight crew can then use the EFB or dedicated LCD monitor to view live pictures, to aid decision making, and then take appropriate action quickly and efficiently.

When connected to an EFB the flight crew can have control of the system choosing which cameras to view, being able to rewind images or view recording made earlier in the flight or during previous loading and unloading.

This video images can be easily downloaded from the server to review back at base.


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