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Helicopter Cameras

AD Aerospace offers a variety of video surveillance units for use on-board as helicopter cameras. Current customers include Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo Helicopters and the Finnish Border Guard.

Solutions are available to enable video surveillance both internal and external to the helicopter airframe. In addition to established units, AD Aerospace prides itself on its ability to be flexible and offer bespoke solutions to prospective partners depending on their particular requirements, and this also applies to helicopter cameras. Early project engagement can enable definition of a bespoke system for any particular helicopter airframe, and to achieve any specific function.

Helicopter cameras offered by AD Aerospace are both traditional and rugged analogue cameras, or new to market HD-SDI cameras. AD Aerospace helicopter cameras are used for functions including, but not limited to; winch monitoring, cargo hook operations, land surveying, cockpit surveillance, cockpit door surveillance, cabin surveillance and more.

External Helicopter Cameras

AD Aerospace has a field-tested, highly popular and successful analogue external camera in the FV-0315. The FV-0315 has been used in the field for many years as a helicopter camera by both Airbus Helicopters and Leonardo Helicopters, and has been the centre piece of a number of bespoke system configurations. As a helicopter camera, the FV-0315 is capable of providing quality video images in the harsh environment experienced by the external helicopter surface. The camera is hermetically sealed and dry nitrogen purged to prevent internal misting and icing. The design allows for a variety of lens options, to suit most requirements. The FV-0315 is available in both monochrome and colour variants.

The FV-0315 can also be configured with an AD Aerospace FV-0834 or FV-0835 monitor to enable live viewing of the video footage either in the cockpit or cabin of the helicopter by pilot or crew. It can also be used in conjunction with a Video Transmission Unit (VTU), such as the AD Aerospace FV-0610 or FV-0710, to enable recording and storage of video.

AD Aerospace has also designed a HD-SDI external camera, the FV-0361. The FV-0361 features high frame rate, HD resolution and near-zero latency. The optics of the camera are protected with a sapphire glass window which is scratch resistant, and the housing of the camera is manufactured from Titanium alloy. For ease of installation, the unit has a mark identifying vertical orientation, and allows a minimum of 2.5° of adjustment in any orientation, in case of a slightly mis-aligned mounting arrangement.

Both the FV-0315 and FV-0361 external cameras are aerodynamically shaped and have no “edges” to allow water droplet removal as the aircraft moves in the air stream. The window is heated with an internally fitted heater, which allows for the viewing oculus to be automatically de-misted and de-iced at low temperatures.

Internal Surveillance

Internal helicopter cameras are also available from AD Aerospace for functions including cockpit surveillance, cockpit door surveillance and cabin surveillance. AD Aerospace has a long history in providing internal cameras to aircraft including for Boeing and Airbus narrow and widebody jets.

There are a wide range of camera options available that includes both traditional analog and new to market IP technology. Cameras include domed cameras, miniature cameras, covert bullet cameras and more. The internal cameras can connect direct to monitor or via a VTU / server for video recording, such as the FV-0710. Multiple cameras can be included in a single system by utilising AD Aerospace switch units and control panels.

FV-0315 External Helicopter CameraFV-0315 External Helicopter Camera

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