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IP Aircraft Video Surveillance System

The AD Aerospace digital IP Aircraft Video Surveillance System uses AD Aerospace’s FV-0591 compact Digital Video Server. This server offers a cost-effective High Definition network video recording system, allowing direct connection of up 16 high resolution 2MP IP cameras and 1 HD-SDI camera, all directly powered by the FV-0591 itself. The server is able to perform conversion of the input video streams to H-264 to provide onward video transmission to an EFB/ Ethernet backbone, providing the pilots the ease of use and the ability to check and assess images using a simple graphical user interface (GUI). The data on the FV-0591 is stored on a solid-state drive, to provide better resilience to vibrations and to achieve high storage capacity on a media type which is not only more resilient but also lighter than more traditional storage media. The FV-0591 Digital Video Server has a 1TB hard disk which, when partnered with 6x AD Aerospace IP cameras, can record at a high resolution and frame rate of 5 Pictures Per Second (pps), whilst achieving 30 day retention of recorded video. There is also scope for increasing the hard disk to 2TB and 4TB.

For internal applications the FV-0591 video server can be paired with the FV-0461 or FV-0462 IP Internal Aerospace Cameras to form this IP Aircraft Video Surveillance System. Both cameras provide a clear 1080p full high definition image with excellent contrast at all light levels, including dimmed lights for take-off and landing, during night flights and is able to compensate when a subject is strongly backlit. The cameras integrated webserver requires no additional equipping and makes the IP stream directly accessible via Ethernet 100BaseT. The camera supports streaming over RTSP (real time streaming protocol) for easy integration with existing systems. This system is suitable for passenger cabin, cargo and cockpit door/flight deck entry surveillance applications.

For external monitoring the FV-0591 Digital Video Server can be paired with the AD Aerospace FV-0361 Compact External Aerospace Camera. The FV-0361 features high frame rate, 1080p HD resolution, and near-zero latency – it is suited for ground manoeuvring, in-flight entertainment, winch monitoring, and many other airborne applications.


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