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Retro-Fit Cockpit Door Surveillance Solution (CDSS)

AD Aerospace’s Retro-Fit Cockpit Door Surveillance System (CDSS) aims to improve security around the cockpit door and allow pilots to identify anyone requesting access to the cockpit.

The cockpit door surveillance system can be supplied with either EASA STC or FAA STC approval to certify the installation on any aircraft.

The Retro-Fit CDSS system includes the following products:

  • 3 x FV-0410 video cameras which provide overt but non-obtrusive monitoring,
  • 1 x FV-0580 video transmission unit which can take input from up to 4 analogue cameras and produce video streams suitable for viewing on displays, such as LCD monitors.
  • 1 x FV-0835 6″ LCD monitor,
  • 1 x FV-1050 control panel which is designed to be fitted in the cockpit instrument panel of a commercial aircraft.

The three cameras are all located in the passenger cabin ceiling panels, one immediately in front of the cockpit door, once above the forward passenger door and one above the forward service door. This combination of camera locations provides full visibility of the forward passenger cabin area from in front of the passenger door, right across to the service door, including the galley area. This means that when the pilot is checking the system to identify who is requesting access to the cockpit, it is also possible to see that there is nobody else hiding behind the toilet bulkhead or in the galley, and that the person outside the galley door is not under threat or duress.

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