Boeing 777

AD Aerospace Systems

B777: VIP Passenger Cabin Surveillance “Direct View”

AD Aerospace provides a B777 Direct View system as either line-fit or retro-fit.

The system is used as a means to comply with CFR 25.785 requirements, designed to provide visibility of a minimum of 50% of passengers in premium class zone to seated cabin crew during Taxi, Take Off and Landing.

The AD Aerospace system comprises a dedicated HD-SDI camera and monitor which allow clear visibility of selected areas of the cabin not visible from the cabin attendant’s seated position.

The system comprises the following materials:

  • FV-0477 HD-SDI Covert Bullet Video Camera – externally controllable via RS485. There is no loadable software content in the Camera. However, the Camera Sensor includes firmware that interprets RS485 commands and configures Camera settings. HD-SDI provides a nominal data rate of 1.485 Gbit/s. Although the HD-SDI interface is intended for 75Ω single ended coaxial transmission lines, the FV-0477 Camera coverts the video signal to a differential balanced format for transmission over a 100Ω Quadrax cable.
  • FV-0877 HD 9″ LCD Monitor – designed to display and control images from external and/or internal HD-SDI cameras installed on an aircraft.