• 9th 12月 2019

COMAC ARJ21: AD Aerospace flies with China’s latest aerospace success

The latest Chinese commercial jet aircraft, the COMAC ARJ21, has been delivered to launch customer Chengdu airlines (the Chengdu livery adorning the ARJ21 is pictured).

The ARJ21 will feature the proven AD Aerospace Cabin Surveillance System and Flight Deck Entry Video Surveillance System (FDEVSS/CDSS)

AD Aerospace is immensely proud of our partnership with COMAC and their AVIC subsidiary SAMRI as the ARJ21 takes to the skies with AD Aerospace’s FV-0580 based aerospace video switcher as part of the line-fit type certified equipment. The latest system features a specially engineered version of the popular FV-1080 control panel as well as the FV-0834 monitor and FV-0411 cameras.