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  • Sensor

    1/3”interline transfer CCD

  • Elements

    CCIR 320k elements or EIA 290k elements

  • TV Standard

    625 line, CCIR or 525 line, EIA

  • Resolution

    Greater than 420 TV Lines per picture height (horizontal) in picture centre. Greater than 300 lines in the corners

  • Sensitivity

    Better than 0.01 Lux at f2.0

  • Light Control

    Auto electronic shutter to 1/100,000 seconds

  • Video Outputs

    1.0V p-p into 75R composite video (unbalanced) and 50R or 100R balanced video as an option

  • IR Performance

    6 LEDs, at +/- 30 degrees cone, at 875nm

  • MTBF

    50,000 hours

  • Connector

    Single Mil-C-38999 connector

  • Power Consumption

    80mA from the 28V source

  • Field Of View

    Various lenses from 26 to 135 degrees

  • Size

    140mm x 120mm x 61mm

  • Weight

    Maximum 425g

  • Material

    Cast Parts: Aluminium Alloy to LM25, Fabricated Parts: Al Alloy to BSEN485:3103H4/5251H22, or 6061T4

  • Paint Finish

    Alocrom to Def Stan 03-18, Finish to suit cabin interior

  • Environmental Qualification

    ED-14E for Cabin Overhead mounted equipment, for use within an aircraft flying up to 50,000 feet, but in an area normally pressurised to 15,000 feet

  • Temperature

    Operating: -15°C to +70°C, Storage: -55°C to +85°C