AD航空航天公司的 FV-0580视频开关单元从多达 4 个模拟摄像机获取输入,并生成在 LCD 监视器等显示器上可观看的视频。

FV-0580 提供从机上安全到机上娱乐 (IFE) 的各种功能。其最常见的安保摄像头被安装在飞行甲板上其监视的图像是从驾驶舱门附近到邻近厨房的区域。这使飞行员能在允许他人进入之前做出检查来减少潜在危险和威胁。


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  • OSD Function

    Enables text to be defined, and superimposed on the video usually to indicate camera view

  • Weight

    Maximum 1000g

  • Connectors

    Mil-C-38999 connectors

  • Power

    Maximum of 500mA at 28V dc to aircraft specification

  • MTFB

    50,000 hours

  • Dimensions

    275mm x 176mm x 60mm

  • Input

    Video from up to 4 cameras each on its own connector PAL or NTSC standard The unit caters for both unbalanced and balanced video

  • Output

    Two channels of balanced composite video, able to be selected independently, and each have OSD camera titling. Each of the two channels has two independent video outputs, so can each support two monitors which will have duplicated video data

  • Environmental Qualificiation

    RTCA DO160EED-14E, for cabin overhead mounted equipment, RTCA DO178B Category E